“Judy, you are a genius and working with you was  both transformational and very fun! My closet and I were transformed from messy, frumpy and outdated to organized, coordinated and stylish.  I now have tons of new outfits to wear and the only store I needed to visit was my very own closet!  I now look forward to getting dressed every day because I get to choose from so many different outfits that are easy to pull together and fun to wear.  Best of all, I love the way I feel from the inside out as well as the outside in.  I feel more alive and comfortable inside my skin as well as inside my clothes.  Thank you!”
Karen Kimsey-House

Co-Founder and Board Chair Co-Active Training Institute

“I have worked with several stylists over the years and each person brings their unique gift. I am currently working with Judy and all I can say she is magic! She was able to tune into my essence and who I am and put together outfits in my closet very quickly. She takes photos with the outfits we put together so I have them to refer to easily! More importantly I feel great in everything I wear. Judy is also generous with taking unwanted items to a consignment store and a women’s shelter, enabling me to make money on of my outfits that did not work for me. She is all about simplicity, elegance and sustainability!
Judy also introduced me to an amazing jeweler who accepted my mother’s heirloom jewelry pieces and remade them into a modernized version that resonates with my personality.
Judy is a joy to work with and frankly I can’t wait until our next meeting and have her work her magic again with my wardrobe! XO”
Rita Hovakimian
Business Coach and Prosperity Mentor

“Judy is a lifesaver. I call her my fashion fairy godmother!!! She's my go to the day of any big event for the final touch! She puts together looks that accentuate my best features. She really listens to me and has helped me dress for so many events! She's simply fabulous!!!!! Would be lost without her!”
Pam P.

“Every morning used to mean choosing what I hated the least; now it’s about choosing what I love the most.
Judy has the eye, the organization, the expertise, and the energy to solve the previously unsolvable problem of building a wardrobe that fits your body, says what you’re trying to say, and makes you feel better by wearing it. She helps you figure out what you want and then she figures out how to get it. Working with Judy makes outfitting incredibly easy, but it’s not just a handy convenience—for me, it’s been literally life-changing.”
John Lamm

"Time with Judy is time and money well spent--not to mention fun!
You've heard of the phrase "shopping in your own closet," right?  Judy may well have have invented it!  She certainly knows how to do it for her clients, while simultaneously she organizes, creates outfits, and schemes to streamline and beautify your style and closet space!

As a recent empty nester, I hadn't given attention to my closet for years, perhaps decades?  I had so many things--many I knew I wanted to keep, much I knew should go, many things that had originally been worth a lot of money, and many things sentimental from my mother's closet--just a whole lot of stuff.  However, I was in no mood to start from scratch and go out shopping and spend a lot of money. 
Judy insisted we start by seeing what I had, and she was able to make multiple outfits with items I hadn't thought to put together.  She styled me with my own clothes and jewelry, and photographed me along the way--replete w/ my jewelry, accessories and shoes. As someone who doesn't like to spend time thinking about what I'm going to wear, all I have to do is gaze through my album of ME in my clothes and see what to put on!  The very best was when I told Judy I was heading to NY for whirlwind trip and was dreading packing. After asking a few questions about the events she buzzed around like the creative whiz she is and created a streamline group of outfits to pack---which met all my needs, including the fact I didn't want to check a bag! 

When it came time to add a few things to my stable of clothes Judy's services include shopping for you (so you never have to step inside a store...and returning things if you don't want them...)  There is never a "hard sell."  Judy's energy is positive and creative, and her energy is infectious. She is efficient--PLUS she knows when and where the sales are. My closet has never looked so good, and neither have I."
Jamie S. | San Francisco

“I would never have gotten through the maze of online shopping for my mother of the bride dress if it weren't for Judy's gentle touch and helping hand. First of all, I would never have imagined shopping online for such an important day, but all things considered at the beginning of Covid-19, what's a MOB to do? Judy was like a laser, honing in on just the right style and look I wanted. She held my proverbial hand as we shopped on Zoom, sifting through hundreds of dresses. Like a magician,  she found 4 I absolutely loved. (I bought two, just in case). And honestly, what I thought was going to be a nightmare was actually fun! She's the best kept secret in Northern California.”
Maryanne Comaroto, PhD

My Style Angel
"Judy Domenici is a Miracle Worker, accommodating, fun to spend time with and an all out pleasure to be around. Not to mention a very talented style Angel with a great sense of humor! Working with Judy is an anxiety buster, and a mood booster to say the least!

Judy has reworked my wardrobe and turned my closet into a beautiful, stylish mini boutique full of fabulous outfits.
No more stress-filled hours of staring at my clothes and wondering what to wear. Now getting dressed for any occasion is an elevated, uplifting and enjoyable experience!
Judy has my back when it comes to looking for that certain piece to add to my wardrobe. Along with scouring the department stores and shops, she sends me images to preview, as well as steers me to her favorite websites for just the right look.
Along with transforming my fashion life, she has turned my husband into a well dressed and stylish man and for that I am forever grateful! "

Alana Leigh

“You, dearest Judy are magical! Watching you in my closet is watching an artist at work on your canvas. You are so competent ....a blessing and a gift! What you give has no monetary equivalent - you are awesome!!!  no wasted movement. Your eyes, hands, fingers and whole body move in sync like a choreographer in a studio.  Thank you for the healing, therapy, fun and joy you offer! I love, appreciate and respect you so much!! Thank you for being my dear friend.”
N.Z. / Tiburon

“Now that working from home is my new normal, it’s more important than ever for me to make sure I take care of my personal image. When I look good on a video conference, I’m more confident, making it easier for me to perform well at work in my ‘new-normal-work-from-home’ world.”

“I was going through a divorce, and needed a boost in my self-image.  I found Judy through a Google search for 'image consultants'. Over introductory coffee, she asked insightful and (appropriately) probing questions, then fit me in her busy calendar, knowing I had just a week in San Francisco before returning to my life in Europe. Within two efficient and fun sessions at Nordstroms, complete with energy bars and water bottles (for hydration!), Judy helped me pick out a new wardrobe that suited my style, got me (gently) out of my comfort zone, and gave me great confidence to step boldly into my new life.  She also kept within my budget, with the exception of a great pair of shoes that I just needed to have, and don't regret for one minute.   I've received many compliments on my new look, and feel ready to face the world with renewed confidence.”
 Bridget M.

“Judy Domenici is a magician in the closet! What a gift!”
Elisabeth L.

"My friends thought I had a look but the truth was that it was a “grab and go" haphazard process just to dress, let alone have a look. Judy helped me not only define my look but found it in my chaotic closet.  My closet is now organized, the compliments flow, and I have a new friend and we laugh a lot!!
I gave my husband sessions with Judy for our anniversary. He loved her too. Now he and I show each other possible outfits and ask, "What would Judy say"?  Thank you, Judy, for bringing us calm and dressing with confidence in our unique styles!!"
Julie and Will

“I knew my wardrobe needed help, but I did not realize how easy it would be and how beneficial.   We spent time sorting through my closet to pull out some of the more “vintage” items as a starting point.  Judy pre-shopped on my behalf and recommended a handsome array of possibilities.  In a very short time I had an entirely new look that is leading to complimentary comments from friends and family.  I heartily recommend Judy for anyone considering a wardrobe update – major or minor!”
 Ken P | Larkspur

 "Working with Judy has been a pure delight!  In addition to the very practical aspects of creating new looks, it has been an energizing creative process. It's like investing in a great painting or sculpting class!”
Jennifer | Tiburon

"Judy is an amazing style consultant, organizer and a packing queen!  She has helped me pack for multiple trips including a 3 week African safari with just a carry on!  Judy works with me to organize all of my clothes, accessories and jewelry  so I am always well dressed and unstressed when I am on my trip!  Whenever I am planning a trip, I will always call Judy to help me out! "
Diane | Tiburon

"Judy is an amazing ‘secret weapon' to any business professional. She takes the time to really listen to her clients needs and gives them style and confidence to always look and feel their best.  When you want to look fabulous, Judy makes figuring out ‘what to wear’ fast and easy. She’s worked with a number of our real estate agents and they have all given her huge praise and glowing accolades."
Kevin Sanchez | Director of Marketing Vanguard Properties

"Thank you so much for having such wonderful vision for my bathroom. The way you organized my make-up, rearranged drawers, and positioned my art created the spa-like atmosphere I have been searching for. You are extremely talented and I thank you for helping me achieve peace, beauty and serenity in a place that used to be frustrating."
M.H., Boca Raton

"Loved today’s closet editing session. I felt empowered by the experience and I am happy to donate the many good things that don’t suit me anymore! I felt very comfortable with you, I’m loving the process, it’s not only great Feng Shui, but cleansing for the soul in letting go. You have mastered the art of editing; bringing in your knowledge and spirituality, which turns the process into magic. I am looking forward to the restyling part of this, I am ready for it!" 
Anna Marie Colavito | Beauty Body Wellness

"After graduating college, I felt like it was time for a major update to my "look". Judy's expertise was invaluable as I reinvented myself and I came away with a wardrobe that I'm confident will have me looking good at every occasion from Happy Hour to job interviews. She was very conscious of my budget and helped shop efficiently to get the most value out of the clothes I purchased. I'm extremely satisfied with my new look. I get compliments on my outfit everywhere I go now! Thanks Judy!"  
Brian F. | Menlo Park 

"I can't thank Judy enough and would strongly recommend her to anyone!!
Judy has the most impeccable style. She is a true artist of fashion, and I feel blessed to have learned so much from her. I think of her every time I wear my favorite outfits. She's one of the best I know when it comes to organizing a closet. She is so much fun to work with as well. She has such a genius creative eye, and succeeds in pulling together the perfect look for each occasion. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with their wardrobe. She is a style angel all the way!" 
Alana Leigh | alanaleigh.com

"I can't live without Judy. She is a fabulous fashion consutant as well as the most organized person I know!!
I'm busy and  my closet is out of control! She arrives and within a couple of hours I'm happy again with a well organized closet, more outfits, and having fun. Did I mention she's a riot? Just simply cannot live without her!!!" 
Ginger Martin | Sonoma

"I recently hired Judy Domenici, an Image Consultant from Marin who was highly recommended by a good friend. I wanted her to help me choose clothes that reflect who I am and present me in the best light. I received that and so much more! Judy entered my closet like a whirlwind. She had me try on every item of clothing -- anything that did not serve me, was put in the "Goodwill" pile. Then she created outfits with the clothes that suited me--OMG! She even looked through my rarely worn jewelry and scarves and accessorized me. She captured each created outfit with a photo so I could remember it. Such magic created with the clothes I already had hanging in my closet--many of which were never or rarely worn. Wow! Wow! Wow!
There is more... Judy insisted on clearing the clutter from my closet including getting rid of letters from lovers past, hats and tshirts that my ex wore, and dust bunnies. She organized, folded and hung all my clothes and shoes in the cleared space. Finally, she helped me create an altar in my closet that honors my feminine. My closet is cleared and is now sacred space. The experience was so profound."
Lisa | Granite Bay

"Judy is terrific. She spent two hours in my closet and came up with 27 gorgeous outfits! She preserved my style, made me look fantastic and saved me literally thousands of dollars. When I went to work, I received many compliments. It was wonderful!"  
Mary | Kentfield

"Not only does she make YOU look as if you are the queen of style, she creates a dazzling new wardrobe from what you have already. Her ability to meet every woman right where she is in relationship to her body, style, finances, and needs is truly masterful.  After a session with Judy, not only is my closet organized pristinely, it's radiant with choices. I always feel like I save myself time and money with unnecessary shopping. I also love having Judy's support to pack for business trips, special events or vacations because I have everything I need once I get there to look great and feel comfortable, and it's all in one suitcase rather than three!" 
Michele | Larkspur

"Working with Judy is energizing--I am amazed by how quickly and skillfully she creates chic outfits using what I already have in my closet! My self-confidence gets such a boost when Judy teaches me how to look my best for all facets of my life--corporate presentations, nights out, lunches with friends, elegant occasions, and even casual weekend events. After Judy updated my look, I've received so many compliments from my co-workers, dates, and girl friends who  want to know my secret! I know Judy can help anybody present their best, most polished, and authentic self." 
Gwen Fuller | Corporate Art Consultant

"Judy! How do I thank you for helping me get through my entire wardrobe?!? It was hard work, but we had FUN doing it and I simply cannot believe how much easier it is to find everything and get dressed in the morning... All the outfits you made are fabulous. I look forward to working with you again and I am going to recommend your services to everyone I know!! (well, only the ones I like!)"  
Lisa Wan

"What an amazing change in my life! Having you work your magic on my messy, overcrowded closet and helping me purge and find all sorts of hidden treasures in my own closet was such a great treat. Thank you for all your magic and hard work!!!" 

Ada Beth Harris